Favourite food: Gujarati thali

Favourite drink: Minute made pulpy orange

Favourite ice-cream flavour: butter scotch

Favourite hangout: Movies

Favourite pastime: south indian films

Favourite movie: vedalam

favourite politician: narendra modi

Favourite actor: amitabh bachchan, ajith kumar

Favourite actress: kajol, yami gautami

Favourite song: hain junoon from film new york

favourite instrument: drum

favourite cartoon : Tom & jerry

favourite car : hummer

favourite sport : cricket

favourite colour: turquoise blue

i would live in: dubai or maldives

I like to wear: formal suits & blazers

I am happy: always with my family

I am sad: after eating unhealthy food

I get mad: With people who are not competent

I can't live without: cleanliness

I get high on: gujarati snacks